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ICO Has Finished


Lendingblock Post ICO Update!

We’re excited to announce that our ICO has now closed! After just 3 days, we hit our funding target, raising $10 million.

We’d like to thank everyone who has invested and helped to make our ICO such a success. Our investors include Alpha Block Investment, Astronaut Capital, Fengshui Capital and many, many more...

We are overwhelmed by the support and trust you have put in us, and are now excited to bring Lendingblock to life.

ICO Key Statistics

We have collected a total of 16,848.01 Eth and sold 580,714,858.46 LND.

Below is a summary of each stage of the sale.


Total of 1674 participants from 117 nations who supported our project.

The top three contributing countries were (assuming LND=$0.02):

France — $1,634,014.99

Russia — $976,883.70

Australia — $925,495.66

We had an initial allocation of 600m LND for the ICO and due to the pre-sale bonus not completely allocated, we have 19,285,141.54 LND left that will be transferred to the Lendingblock growth fund. To reiterate, our growth fund will be for strategic partnerships and investments.

Token Unlock Dates

All non-bonus tokens will be unlocked and become transferable on the 25th of April, 2018.

The bonus tokens of private sale investors will be unlocked on 17th of June, 2018.

The bonus tokens of pre-sale investors will be unlocked on 18th of May, 2018.

The bonus tokens of main sale investors will be distributed by 18th of May, 2018 and no lockup period is applied.

Exchange Listings

We will be listed on HitBTC, Idex and Forkdelta shortly after our tokens become transferable in end of April/Early May. We understand the importance of launching on reputable and liquid exchanges for our investors and community and are in discussions with a number of them to enable us to expand their offering into LND tokens.

Looking Ahead

With our token sales now complete, it’s an exciting time for us as we move forward with our product development. We’ll be working in tandem with the Lendingblock community, sharing continued updates from us and hopefully receiving plenty of feedback from you.

What We Will Be Working On

1. Hiring: we have conducted extensive interviews with a number of candidates and will be on-boarding business analysts and head of human resources in the coming months. Check out existing positions on lendingblock.workable.com and more below.

2. Product development: the tech team has expanded rapidly and is working on an extensive github backlog led by our CTO Luca Sbardella to deliver the vision of a cryptocurrency lending exchange.

3. Strategic partnerships: we are currently talking to exchanges, wallet providers and complimentary projects in the lending space to partner with.

4. Business development: we are talking to a wide range of institutional users for lending and borrowing. We are also in discussions with a smaller group of businesses that will be participating in our alpha and beta — more details to follow soon.

5. Regulatory authorisation: we have already started the regulatory authorisation process for a DLT license under the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and are in dialogue with them to make sure we have the right oversight and governance to start operations in Q3.

6. Managing risk and compliance requirements: currently analysing the various risk and compliance requirements as a regulated financial lending business and what we need to have in place before launch. We are determined to build a project that is secure, trustworthy and reliable for the blockchain community.

How We Will Be Interacting With The Community:

1. Newsletters & updates: we will continue to send out regular updates and weekly progress reports over email, videos on YouTube and other social media.

2. Social media: we will be looking to grow our social media channels to maintain the momentum as well as effectively engage with the community. This would be in the form of AMAs (Reddit, YouTube, Telegram) and utilising Instagram to display our company culture in a less formal medium.

3. Meetups, events and conferences: we will be hosting events and meetups in London to engage with the community and promote thought leadership. Further, we will be attending select conferences to build business relationships and market Lendingblock. If there’s a conference or event you would like us to go to, let us know!

4. Merchandise launch: due to overwhelming interest in Lendingblock swag, we will be offering our merchandise to the community shortly. We are currently considering t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, keyrings, and pens. Please let us know if you have any ideas for new swag!

5. Surveys and Feedback forms: we will be sending out continuous surveys and feedback forms to gather feedback on our technology & business developments and any other feedback you may have.

We're Hiring! 

Our mission is to create the market and financial infrastructure for securities lending in the crypto economy, and we’re building a team to take us there.

We are hiring a number of technical and non-technical positions. Our current roles can be found at: lendingblock.workable.com

If you’re interested in joining and being part of our journey, please apply on our careers page or email us at careers@lendingblock.com.

We’re a fast-paced, innovative crypto business, so we want talented, creative individuals, with a passion for the crypto market and a desire to pull up their sleeves to be part of something ground-breaking. If that sounds like you, there is a place for you in our team. You can find out what current openings we have here.